The water we use in our production comes from an ecologically-clean national park Zaokskiy, which is located in a pollution-free area in Tulskaya region.

The underground lake lies at the depth of 120 meters, with hermetically sealed well and 25 meters of clay protecting it from surface and ground waters.

The water contains all the necessary elements in proportions, most suitable for human organism.

For more details, you may take a look at our water analysis report.

Moscow Levitated Water

1st category natural drinking water. Still. Produced from artesian source.

Moscow Levitated Water – is a perfect balance of natural minerals and microelements, achieved with advanced water-treatment technologies. Using our unique method of hydrodynamic treatment – levitation – we strived to create something special: extra soft and gentle water with exceptional taste. Taking cues from nature itself, we brought water production to a next level.


Levitation treatment is a method of hydrodynamic processing, suggested by nature itself. The process is based on a powerful vortex motion similar to the one happening inside a mountain river or a tornado, where water-and-air current violently rotates in a gigantic funnel.

The water  gets processed with the use of a special double-vortex device, where it whirls at the speed of 11.000 rotations per minute, imitating how water moves in mountain rivers. Under such intense physical coercion, clusters of molecules split, making the water lighter and softer. It brings out exceptional taste and improved solvent capacity. After the levitation treatment, natural properties of the water unlock their potential, preserving the qualities of the mineral source.

Purification: no chemicals or reversed osmosis!

We believe that preserving water’s natural qualities is the way to go, so we purify it using only cutting-edge UV lamps, without harming its mineral composition.  No chemicals, no waste, no quality loss!


The founder of the research on how to harness the full potential of water was Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), Austrian inventor, philosopher and scientist.

He sought to uncover the intrinsic power of water. The priceless knowledge and heritage he left behind laid in the foundation of the levitation treatment method, as well as many other wonderful developments. Schauberger always dreamed of creating a machine that would produce water that would have all the qualities of natural sources. He managed to build early prototypes in 1930. With their help, the scientist proved with cycloidal-spiral motion, the water becomes vigorous and light, and its energy drastically increases.

Health Benefits

The unique chemical composition of our artesian water, rich with hydrocarbonates, magnesium and calcium, and enhanced by the levitation treatment, make Moscow Levitated Water excellent for:

• Rejuvenation after sport activities

• Normalization of the metabolism rate

• Balancing of the salt-water exchange

• Cleaning the body from toxins and cell activity excretions

• Improving gastro-intestinal tract activity

• Improving the immune system

Increased fluidity and solvent capacity of the levitated water facilitates transportation of H2O, thus, improving the metabolic activity of the whole organism.





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